Tracking the charge™

Is EV charging reliability slowing down your personal or fleet transition to electrification? Does your analytics team need accurate EV charging data, including reliability data, at a per station level? Contact us and we'll tell you how drivers, fleets, analysts and states are using EVSession data to enhance their transportation solutions.

Latest US DC Fast Charger Tracking Statistics

As of May 15, 2024
Charging Stations


Charging Units


Charging Plugs


CCS: 15,234 | CHAdeMO: 7,012 | NACS: 488

DC Fast Charger Availability

Reliable DC Fast Charging is a must for electric fleets, EV road trips, and for those without a home charging solution. Station maps and in-vehicle navigation show you where the stations are but availability of charging stations is far from accurate.

EVSession tracks DC Fast Charging station availability so you can find a reliable place to charge.

  • EV Drivers can monitor or get alerts on their favorite stations, or plug in their destination for a customized health report of charge points along their route.

  • Fleet Managers can register their routes for daily updates and alerts on DCFC station availability, usage, and reliability.

  • Government agencies can monitor the health of sites funded by their electrification programs.

Station Health

EVSession CHX™— the Charging Health Index — is a score calculated for each station based on its recent data history.


EVSession Usage will show you the busy times for your favorite stations. It includes recent alerts from station unavailability or payment system failures.


Do you have a favorite station or are you planning a trip? EVSession Alerts will update you with any changes you need to know.

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